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Re: [T3] Welder questions ( wire or stick)

<x-flowed>Stick is less precise, and made for large welds, harder to start,
harder to control with precision, leaves loads of slag to remove
afterwards.It's a flux coated wire, the flux shields the weld from
oxygen to prevent oxidation into the weld puddle. This flux also
makes it more difficult to see the weld during welding, as there
is loads of smoke generated.

Wire has a shielding gas surrounding the weld puddle, which
eliminates slag, allows visibility, usually smaller therefore more
precision. With an aux feed of the shielding gas to the backside
of the weld, you can prevent oxidation on the back of the weld
as well. More expensive as you have to buy the gas.

Guess which would recommend?

Confession - I am NOT a welder, haven't done more than a
foot of weld, BUT at one time I was a Certified Weld Inspector
and did spend 11 years as a Manufacturing Engineer in a weld
shop. Their preference was had feeding wire with a TIG torch,
that allowed excrutiating precision at the sacrifice of speed and
sometimes the lack of speed introduced extra heat though, so
there are tradeoffs for every method.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk

Kevin Howlett wrote:

Would a wire welder, or a Stick welder work best.

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