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Re: [T3] air distributor line??

On 3 Feb 2005 at 10:40, Dave Pallo wrote:

> [[[It's a big tube at the rear (rear is rear) end, but there is a rather 
> tiny pinhole where it passes thru the front (front is front) cover, so it's 
> really not all that much air. ]]]
> That would make sense.........VW must of wanted a pipe that size just for 
> show, eh?

Well, they really just needed a tube big enough to connect a reasonable sized 
hose to it, but I agree with your point.

> So... I could still hookup my original "pcv" system if I had a way to allow 
> fresh, filtered air into the crankcase...(remember I don't have heads with 
> ports).........since I still have the '72 air cleaner with it's 2 extra 
> outlet pipes in it (that would have connected to these head ports) 


> .......would it be ok if I welded 2 pipes onto a set of valve covers and 
> ran hose from here to the air cleaner for fresh air entry???

Yes, that would work, and I've heard of people doing it. There a a couple of 
practical problems with this, however. It makes removing the covers to adjust 
the valves a real pain, and routing the hoses to the covers is also a pain.

> I know it sounds like alotta monkey-ing around in order to use the '72 
> system, but in the back of my mind it seems like a better system to 
> have........to have a system that draws air from the crankcase directly 
> into the intake and burning the fumes seems better to me rather than having 
> a system that has blow-by to pressurize the crankcase and force these fumes 
> into the air cleaner only to have then pass over the throttle butterfly the 
> into the air distributor............

It IS a better system, but not for the reasons you mention. Both systems manage 
to burn the blowby gasses. One has a slight pressure in the case, while the 
other has a slight vacuum, but the difference is insignificant.

The only real distinction is that the 72-3 system draws in fresh air which 
dilutes the vapors in the case and enhances the evaporation of condensed 
vapors, like fuel and water. Condensed gasoline and water can be a problem in 
cold climates with cars that just get driven short distances. While the late 
system does not completely CURE this, it is better than the earlier systems.

> seems like I'm splitting hairs?......but if I already have most of the '72 
> system in place and can hook it up...why not?

I agree, but I would suggest that you consider installing original style ports 
in your heads instead. Many new heads (possibly including the heads on there 
now) have the boss there where that port would go, so all you would have to do 
would be to drill and ream a hole there,and then press in a steel tube and 
you'll be exactly like OE. That has the advantage of putting the port where 
there is already a hole in the sheet metal, AND not having to mess with the 
hoses when you do a valve adjustment.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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