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Re: [T3] Loose Steering

Could be the rubber pad joining the shaft and the box - replace it if it's
cracked, but note how the wiring connects across it or the horn may not work

Could be the end play on the worm shaft in the box - that's the big locking nut
to undo then the big socket screw to tighten to take up the slack - don't
overtighten, and follow the Bentley or Haynes instructions to check the

Could be sideways play - there's an adjusting screw and locknut on top of the
box.  Don't make it too tight though or you damage things.  Could be the top
cover that's actually loose - check that.

Could be the track-rod ends (tie-rod ends).  Check for play when the steering is

Could be wheel bearings - pull and push top of wheel towards and away from you
to check.

Could be upper torsion arms not held in place by the stabiliser bar linking
them.  Big movement and clunking when pulling top of wheel.  Ask for help here
if it's that, as it's a fairly long explanation.

As Jim says, it could be a lot of things, but it's not usually a dead steering

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> On 2 Feb 2005 at 11:46, Iturzaeta , Joseph wrote:
> > The steering on my '71 is really loose. How can I tighten it up?
> You have to start by getting under the car and figuring out exactly where the
> looseness occurs. There are many possibilities. Once you know which part(s)
> have play in them, you'll know what to do about it.
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