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Re: [T3] 71 SqB neutral safety switch

On 2 Feb 2005 at 9:10, jmailliardfleming@verizon.net wrote:

> Here is the link (I hope) to a picture of the safety switch as it 
> usually is when shifted in to neutral.  The brass part and the little 
> silver part are supposed to be lined up to start the car.  the brass 
> part just isn't stable or solid enough to stay in the right place 
> consistently to line up with the silver part.  Now the car's shifting 
> mechanism must be exposed in order to start the car so the brass 
> contact can be pushed into place to make contact with the silver part 
> and start the car.  How ever to fix?
> Thanks
> Josephine
> www.thesamba,com/vwgallery/pix/190770.jpg

Okay, I found it and changed the URL to:


The "box" is a sleeve that surrounds the shift lever; it holds the moving 
contact that has to touch the NSS stationary contacts.

 The moving brass part (on the left) has "wings" that spread out into the 
blue/green stuff in the box. There should be a little spring behind the brass 
part, and no blue/green stuff. The blue/green stuff is either grease put there 
to prevent corrosion, or silicone caulk put there to hold the brass part in 
place because the PO lost the spring when they took this apart.

The photo makes the brass part look like it has been deformed. I don't know how 
to describe its original shape except to say that it is symmetrical, basically 
a semicircle with a squared-off hump in the middle. All you can see in the 
photo is the deformed end of the squared-off hump.

I would try to very carefully dig out all the blue/green stuff and get the 
brass part out. It and the spring MIGHT still be available from VW. The spring 
might be replaced by (part of?) a ball point pen spring. When I work on these, 
I try to be REALLY careful, and I recommend that you tie a small thread around 
the spring before you try to remove or install it. That's the only way that you 
can be sure of not losing it.

Once you get the blue/green stuff out of the way you may be able to get a 
better idea of how this is all supposed to work.

It's possible that this is all working pretty much okay as it now stands. In 
that case, you might want to just loosen the 2 screws fhat hold the stationary 
part of the NSS, move the NSS rearwards slightly, and retighten.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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