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Re: windshield washer hose

On 2 Feb 2005 at 8:42, Kevin Guarnotta wrote:

> I may take you up on your offer-I've got two more stores to check out...the
> first stuff I got locally I believe is Goodyear, 65111, 5/32" I.D. (3/16"
> Nipple)

I don't recall the size that I could find. It was not an exact replacement, but 
it fits and works just fine. It may actually be a little stronger rhan the 
original, because I have never had to replace these lines twice.

> One pet store I went to did not have it, and the guy said that the windshield
> washer fluid would eat through their tubing anyway. I didn't believe him, do
> you have any experience with that. Windshield washer fluid is not that toxic
> is it? 

I agree that this sounds bogus. Washer fluid won't hurt paint, or anything else 
that I can think of. Petroleum products will attack a lot of plastics and 
rubbers, so that might be what got him to say that.

> This Goodyear stuff is not very flexible compared to the original. Thicker
> walled than original, definitely doesn't look like it will fit through the
> nut on the bottom of the washer fluid tank.

The stuff I have is pretty limp and fits just fine.

> I'd prefer not to go with an electric pump. I like the design of this one,
> and mine never leaked before.

I find the electric pump appealing, but I've never had enough trouble with the 
OE method to make the conversion worthwhile. I DO have problems with the 
pressure regulator valves (built into the tank cap) between the spare and the 
tank. Does anyone out there have an original valve that still works correctly?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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