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[T3] engine rebuild question

<x-flowed>Hi All

So I am laying out things for my engine rebuild. There are two engines - the rotten one and the good one. I've dismantled both, on one hand to salvage parts while on the other to rebuild it. I have drilled out all the oil gallery plugs and will use SCAT plugs as a replacement. I removed all the head bolts and the oil pressure valve. I note that I have two different styles. The springs are the same length but the thingy at the end (don't know what it is called) is shorter in one engine than the other. The difference is small, 5 mm (3/16) but I would imagine that this has an impact on oil pressure. Does anyone know what the difference would be? I uploaded a picture to TheSamba (<http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=106597 >). Any suggestions about which one to use? Also, do you recommend removing the case bolts to make sure that there is no old seal material? Finally (at least for now), do I use locktight on the head studs when I put them back? Thanks

David Sanderson
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