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Re: [T3] drain hose

<x-flowed>I think the early plenum has the same problem. I was getting a lake in the footwell off the Fastback, and when we did the teardown prior to media blasting I took the plenum out and got soaked. I think I have it cleaned out now (I hope so at least; its been in storage for about a 18 months now). I can vouch for that thing being a pain to get out. Between the plenum and the wiper mechanism, I'm not sure how I'm going to get my under dash back together.

'68 Fastback

Jim Adney wrote:

On 1 Feb 2005 at 17:41, Kevin Guarnotta wrote:

i found a source for my leaks, although I had cleaned out the drain tubes last
summer, they clogged up again. I think I will switch them with clear hose so i
can know if they are clogged( ithink i got that idea form jim) I also plan on
getting some magnets to cover the air intakes, only removing when driving.

I've got clear hose here if you need it. I bought some magnetic vent cover material and tried it last fall. It will work fine to keep leaves out, but it also keeps water from evaporating so i was worried that it might make things in there rust even faster.

Those covers DON'T keep rainwater out, so I was leaving the covers, just sitting upside down on the trunk lid to let everything dry. Forgot about them one day and lost one while driving down the highway, since they only stick well on one side.

anyway the larger/longer hose that comes straight from the body of the car
(as opposed to from the air handling unit)drops down and then into a tube in
the front. this was where the clog was. the metal tube in the body is rusted
out and very flexible... not sure what to do here... any ideas? I'm imagining
that the only thing to do is weld a new tube in?

Ouch, that's a nasty place to try to get to and make repairs. I'd take the airbox out and reach up inside and clean it all out, then try to decide.

The problem with the late air plenum is that when you clean out the hoses there can still be lots of leaves, etc up in that metal plenum. That's the stuff that holds the moisture and promotes the rust.

Sorry, I don't have any great ideas about a simple repair for this.

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