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Re: [T3] Big Help Needed

On 1 Feb 2005 at 9:59, Rhiannon Maple wrote:

> When I pulled the spedometer out and the gas gauge set up I saw a
> little more. The smell of the smoke led me to believe that it was
> something electrical that wasn't happy. So that was were I started with
> my flash light.

> It looks like the wire that runs to the light that sits in the spedo
> was what caught. I started tracing that wire back down. There was a
> little crumbly melted insulation left but it's the wire goes all of the
> way from the dash lights to the gas gauge set up and then to (forgive
> the ignorance) a silver box inside the dash and was for the most part
> bare. It looks like some sort of relay that sits about two inches back
> from the headlight switch. The wire is bare (no plastice coating) all
> of the way to the silver box where it seems to go into the same opening
> as a wire with red insulation. None of the other wires appear damaged
> at this point and there is very little soot and melted insulation
> inside the dash, making me wonder if the wire was mostly bare the whole
> time. 

All the wires under there had insulation on them in the beginning. It's 
impossible to say whether all this insulation burned off in this episode or in 
previous episodes. You should try to carefully repair this somehow.

While it would not be the neatest job, it would be adequate to just cover that 
wire with electrical tape. If you're careful, you can just lay a long strip of 
the tape along the wire and then fold it around the wire longwise and stick it 
to itself. This may not be pretty, but it is effective.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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