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Re: [T3] windhsield washer hose

On 1 Feb 2005 at 17:30, Kevin Guarnotta wrote:

> Last summer the line for my windshield washer burst. I didn't use it too much,
> but now in the winter, I'd appreciate it. The hose that burst is the one that
> goes from the switch to the washer fluid tank. I got some new line, but it
> looks like it is thicker than the original. At the bottom of the washer fluid
> tank the hose is flanged. I don't think the new line si going to fit into the
> screw cap at the bottom of the tank. Any sources for new line-I think someone
> on the list new where to get it.

I have line that I buy here at the hardware store. I can sell you some if you 
like. It will fit thru the bottle nut and then slip onto the bottle nipple. The 
flange is just the result of being squeezed into that shape for all these 
years. Burst hoses are a common problem.

> Also-how do you remove the windshield wiper switch. To attach the hose to the
> switch I thought it would be a lot easier to remove the switch. 

Yes, this is a ROYAL pain to try to do with the switch still in there. When you 
take the old hose off, note that there is an extra rubber sleeve around the end 
of the hose there. Save it and re-use it. It's important.

You really need a special tool to turn this nut. Mine is a Snap-On, but MAC may 
have one also. You really need the right tool if you want to get it tight 
enough when you're done.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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