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Re: [T3] Bagging on technicians

Id rather pay a top level tech $100 for an hour of their time to fix my car
than an average tech $20 for 5 hours to do the same thing and have the car
butchered.  It amazes me how many bad mechanics are out there... even with
new cars being so training sensitive.  The garage I take mine to for the few
things I cant do has good mechanics that would have no trouble fixing my FI
if I gave them the Manual and parts they needed.


> To The people that don't believe in Mechanics.
>   I am a Dealer Technician,  I started on VW's moved to Subaru's Became a
> Master Subaru Technican 10 years of hard work and studying. (one of only
> in the US)  left to do techline for KIA.  Techline means when the dealer
> unable to fix the vehicle I walked them through it. Now I fix Suzuki's and
> train technicians.  It's not that only dropouts become Technicians.  You
> have to think 60 or men design a vehicle with no thought being put in to
> fact that some one has to fix it. Factory Scan tools cant keep up with
> technology. A tech is paid on comission.  Which means if the job pays one
> hour and takes two. You just had a pay cut. I had a vehicle that the MAF
> sensor read 1 gram of and the vehicle ran fine bud would set the check
> engine lamp. I spent two weeks trying to figure this out. One gram diff.
> could becaused By the IAC motor, Throttle plate opening angle, engine RPM
> differance or just plain engine wear. Working on cars has gotten a lot
> harder and more technical over the last 23 years i've workid on them.
> All the Doctors, teachers, enginers I've met could not make a living
> on cars.  I still do my own head work, rebuild auto and man.
> Just under stand you get what you pay for!!! I am the best and you will
> for it.  While I was at VW is still worked on Split windows.  Because they
> wanted it done right and not hacked by some druged up shade tree tech. I
> make less pe hour but make more per year then most collage grads.

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