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Crafstmen, Do-it-yourself, etc. (was: [T3] New Fastback photos)

On Jan 31, 2005, at 10:35 PM, Toby Erkson wrote:

Triple A is good for it's towing, no doubt! I've used them multiple times.

My father made sure my sister was able to change a tire before she got her first car. You know I'll make sure Bella knows how to change a tire, check the oil (after the engine has been SITTING for longer than 10 minutes!), and replace ALL fluids...tranny, engine, windshield washer, blinker fluid, etc ;-)

Well, I'm going to make sure my kid's smart enough to identify a good mechanic, and rich enough from his management positions to never change any part on a car.

*grin*,  ok, I'm just kidding.

but it's funny how we shun specialization for do-it-yourself-ness. I can understand in the case where you can't find someone to do a good job, but I thought one of the things that advanced society was specialization.

I mean If I could be sure that the folks I was hiring were as good as some of the folks on this list, then
I wouldn't ever do anything to my T-3 myself, heck many would probably do a better job than I would.

I feel like I've hit all sides of this now, 10 years ago, I used to do everything myself,
I even taught myself to rebuild my motor. [ using only the how to keep your vw alive book. sheesh.. ]
I had more time than money. [ and I ended up rebuilding it more than once, as I "learned", so it might
have been the more expensive route ]

Recently, I've been out of time, so I went ahead and purchased a "rebuilt"
'67 squareback. If you recall, nearly everything was done extremely poorly. [ my bad for not doing a better job inspecting. ]

After that I wound up taking it to a mechanic because I didn't have room to drop the motor and deal with the clutch issues. The guy I found was awesome, and I'll probably take more of my stuff to him, rather than attempt to do it myself.

Still, if you don't know a little about how to do something, it's sometimes hard to identify good craftsmanship.

And that's how I feel about paint and body work, I was never any good at it, and I feel like I can't really discern good work from bad work very well. Although, I'm learning, as I can tell that the work the
PO did on my '67 square is not very good work, and now I'm going to have to get it repainted.
and my '72 is showing signs of rust, even in california, so I do need to find someone.

It sure would be nice if our society produced more pride in craftsmanship, then I wouldn't feel
like it was such a big risk to find help with body and paint.


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