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Re: [T3] New Fastback photos

<x-flowed>Jim Adney wrote:

I just wish it wasn't so hard to find those people. I would be happy to pay someone else to do some of my chores if I could just be sure that they could do a better job at it than I would.

I'm starting to think that's pretty much impossible, with anything... Can you really make an income if you spend the time to do things with the amount of care you'd use on your own car? People will undercut you on price left and right. I'd think not, but I had an electrician out here last summer to set up a mini-split AC unit and he charged me $800 just for the wiring. I had heard he was one of the best from the guy who did the actual unit installation. When the electrician first came out to give me an estimate, he took an hour or so just explaining to me exactly what was code, and what he needed to do. We got into talking about VWs (he saw mine in the yard) and he started telling me about old electrical stuff that he has in his "home museum." He worked in Manhattan a lot and he said some of the electrical systems he replaced were original from the early days of wired electricity.

I hired him for the install and I watched him run the wiring and set everything up. Everything to the letter, very neat and clean. I would hire him again in a heartbeat, even though I could've had someone else do it a lot cheaper. I asked him to check something in my attic and told him I'd pay him to come back to fix it, but he said, "no problem" and did it right away. I felt bad even though I was paying him a lot for the AC stuff...

When the AC guys came to put the unit in, it didn't work and the installer said one of the wires had been put in backward or something. He said he was gonna give the electrician a hard time, but this was a new system that needed to be wired differently.

I got a call a few hours later. It was the electrician apologizing that things hadn't been done perfectly the first time. He was just following up to make sure everything was OK now, and that I was happy.

Oddly enough, this guy said he normally doesn't come "all the way out here" to work. I live maybe 40 miles from his house, and on the island that's a 30 minute drive. I guess the guy is booked solid locally.

Sort of makes you think, eh?


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