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Re: [T3] Oily IAD

On 30 Dec 2005 at 11:23, Constantino Tobio wrote:

> Jim Adney wrote:
> > This is all very normal. It's a combination of the dirt/oil that gets
> > thru the
> >air cleaner, plus the EGR and the crankcase breather components.
> >  
> Ah, should I bother cleaning it then? I found it a little odd because
> I'm not used to seeing an oily throttle body, but then again, most of my
> experience is with more modern vehicles.

There's really no need to clean it, but there's no harm, either, as long as  
you watch out for the TVS and CSV. It's pretty hard to clean unless you have 
the IAD completely out of the car.

> If I do clean anything, just wipe up the excess? Or would using FI
> throttle body cleaner be too aggressive a move?

There's nothing in there that you'd hurt, but if it's still attached to the 
engine I'd do nothing rather than loosen up dirt which might get sucked into 
the engine later. I tend to clean them up only when I'm rebuilding the whole 

> I'd consider eliminating the EGR system altogether if it weren't for the
> fact that the connection to the heat exchanger didn't look so
> inaccessable without pulling the engine. I guess I could put a blank
> flange at the filter connection until someday that the engine gets pulled.

I removed my rusted-out filter and blanked off both flanges. The HE flange IS 
hard to get to, and you'll probably need a torch to free the bolts that thread 
into it. You can make a blank flange, or VW sells them. The gasket you need is 
the same as the small gaskets that beetles use for the preheater pipe, so these 
are in all the rebuild kits.

I've also seen this EGR HE port plugged by just welding it shut after the EGR 
filter was removed.

It's important that you not let this hot exhaust leak out there, because it 
will destroy any wires and hoses that it hits.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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