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[T3] Chopping a Fasty was: Merry Christmas to all.....


and the whole plan and build story can be read here.

Yikes! ;-)

So how do you manage windshields and backlights for something like this?

The windshield is pretty straight forward....just make a template and cut down the original. Being laminated safety glass it can be done pretty easily. Might go through more than one to do it, but it can be done. Have heard of people using a wet tile saw. You can mask and carefully sandblast the extra glass off. Use a diamond glass cutter to score both sides and then snap and use a torch to heat the plastic inner enough to stretch so you can get a knife in there to cut it.

The backlight is more problematic being tempered glass. Can't really cut it down without shattering, although I worked with an old-timer that claimed to be able to grind it down by working very very slowly. I will either run a lexan window or use the original window and frame and just inset it below the level of the new decklid. Would need some drain tubes for any water that might collect in the well around the bottom of the window.

I might even be able to use the original without recessing it since the roof line of the Fasty climbs pretty fast. i might get the entire 6 inches from below the bottom edge of the window. One of the things I learned by doing the practice chop first.

John Jaranson
'66 Square (Sophy)
'70 Fasty (Jane 2 - Type 3 Lead Sled wannabe)
'71 Fasty (Jane -parts car due to rust)
various parts.....don't we all.

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