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RE: [T3] Eberspacher heater questions

There is an inner combustion chamber, with its own air intake, a motor
driven fan that the gas is sprayed into and ignited by the glow plug (till
it gets going) and there is an exaust pipe that exits into the LF fender..

Cabin air gets sucked from the car under the dash and blown with a fan OVER
the hot combustion chamber, heating the air and then into the cabin.  So the
combustion and fresh air are isolated.  If the combustions chamber cracks or
leaks in some way yes, you could get carbon monoxide in the cabin but this
is unlikely

Probably not unlikely enough to pass TODAYS safety standards though!


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From: Steve Jackson [mailto:stevejax61@hotmail.com] 
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I am kinda curious, do these gas heaters actually BURN gasoline INSIDE
the vehicle?  Wouldn't that be a monoxide problem?  (not to mention
having incredibly hot steel and exhaust vapors inside the car with
Ahhh South Texas winters have their advantages!  

Stephen J. Jackson
Commissioning Engineer, Petron Industries, Inc.

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Let me know if you choose to sell. Ive been looking for a good compleet
b2 Eberspacher

> Hi folks
> We are looking at this 6 volt Eberspacher heater that came with this
> It is a B2/201144 model and I am interested in knowing if anyone  has
> manual or advice on these things. Can I convert it to run on 12
Volts? I 
> read the material on Russ' site but that is a different  model. Maybe 
> having a bonfire in the front hood is not a great idea  but it does
> cool. thanks in advance.

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