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Re: [T3] bad night...

I hope the parts news is good, Brian.

Unless the tree was clearly in a dangerous state there is no liability on the
owner for damage done to neighbouring property.  Domestic liability insurance
should take care of it anyway in most circumstances - of course if you were
sawing it down at the time it probably wouldn't!
We had a large apple tree at the bottom of the garden that was growing over the
main road - you could hear tall trucks crashing past the branches from time to
time.  I was a bit worried about it as I could see no easy way to remove it
without shutting the road or hiring a gang and traffic lights etc - not a cheap
thing to do.

In the event, we were away for a few days one Christmas and when we got back the
tree had been blown over in a gale, and cleared away by the council.  No charge,
but it would have been very upsetting if it had hurt anyone when falling.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> this is what happened last night...
> http://www.geocities.com/southumpquateach/tree5.jpg  that shed is where
> all my T3 parts were stashed... hope to find out what didn't survive
> later today.
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> Brian Fye
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