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Re: [T3] 12V conversion (was: Winshield wiper mechanism/motor quation)

<x-flowed>DaveS=> as I redo this Notch in 12 V then I guess I have  to change
=> some other items like the fuel tank sending unit, the fuel  gauge,
=> the clock, lights, relays  etc. Are there other items that I  need to
=> replace that I've missed here?

Been a while since I've listed these, so I hope I don't miss anything:

First -- *not* the fuel sender. Voltage doesn't matter there.

Every bulb: Headlights, front, side & rear markers, tails, signals, brakes, reverse if you've got it, cabin, rear compartment, instruments.

Relays: Headlight, horn, flasher

Instruments: Fuel guage (internal module only), clock, radio & speaker; if you have a tach, hope it's a multi-voltage model (check for extra spades on the back).

Switches: Headlight (because of the dimmer), wiper; if it's a pushbutton dash, you'll need the adapter plate.


Wiper motor

Voltage regulator


You have options: Get a Porsche 12V generator (same diameter, high bucks), rewind your 6V for 12V, or use a later Type 3 12V and fan housing.


Choke heaters


If you're super-anal, you'll want to change the fuse box as well to match your new diagram and gain a couple fuse points. I did, and nothing's wasted in there.

I think that's all of it, but chime in if you know more.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 Big Ghia (12V)

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