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Re: [T3] sumps the same?

On 30 Nov 2005 at 15:14, David Yaghoubian wrote:

> The ground clearance issue is why I have never considered one before,
> and why I am still a bit paranoid about it, but here's my problem...
> to keep up with the regular flow of traffic on Hwy 10 I need to be
> able to cruise in the 80-85 mph range for extended periods...
> sometimes on hot days. On the 1.5 hour drive to LA from here people
> absolutely haul ass, and if you are in the carpool lane you are
> expected to keep pace with the fast lane! This means regularly
> cruising 3500+ rpms. I have ruled out a taller 4th (or 5th) gear to
> bring those revs down, as the conventional wisdom (perhaps the wisdom-
> wisdom... I don't know enough about it to determine) is that this
> would cause the engine to overheat, so better to run at higher rpm on
> a stock tranny and try to mitigate potential oil overheating and
> starvation problems that could result. The new engine and full-
> flow/cooler system is now dialed in completely, and thus I don't have
> any cooling issues to speak of. However, despite the extra capacity
> added by the full flow and cooler, I do not have extra sump
> capacity/reserve, and this concerns me when I turn down the music and
> hear that engine screaming (albeit beautifully ;) in the background... 

I guess I don't see your point. The only advantage to just having 
more oil in the engine is more distance between adding oil. I don't 
think this is anything you, or any of us, should worry about. There 
is some benefit from extra oil cooling from the additional surface 
area of the sump, but you've already said that the temp problem seems 
to be fixed.

I agree that a higher gear would be counterproductive.

The only thing left in your paragraph above that I can see is concern 
about the 3500 rpm, but that's really not a problem. A type 3 engine 
with a stock crank has a red line somewhere in the 5000-5500 range, 
so you're a long way from there, and the higher rpms don't require 
more oil, they just have the same requirement as any other speed: 
that the oil supply not be significantly interrupted. 

Would I be safe in assuming that you've done the wise thing and 
invested in a counterweighted crank for this engine? That is one of 
the first things I recommend, along with the full flow filter, to 
maximize the reliability and longevity of any engine that is likely 
to be driven "enthusiastically." If you've done this, then your red 
line is even higher.

It sounds to me like you just need to learn to enjoy the high notes.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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