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Re: [T3] got 'er going, now she's dead again

I couldn't stand it so I braved the rain and did some tests with the car.
I'm getting 6V to the coil but I'm guessing that's correct in a 6V system (I
forgot to mention that.)  When I open and close the points I'm getting a
spark.  I hooked up the timing light again and maybe I was doing it wrong
before.  I do get a flash now and then, but it's really erratic and
infrequent.  Grounding the wire seems to increase the frequency of flashes a
little bit but it is still only now and then that it flashes.  Interestingly
there is regular spark happening where the end of the wire is grounding.

I'm glad I did this at night now that I think about it.

So what conclusions can be drawn from this?


> You say you don't have any spark; that's a good start, because it narrows
> problem down to a very few parts. The easiest way to check for spark is to
> an inductive timing light and use that to monitor a SP wire to see when
you get
> a spark. Actually, in this case clip it around the HV coil wire.
> Check the + terminal of the coil to make sure you have 7V there.
> Get a friend to crank the engine. Any spark? (Does the timing light
> If not, pull the dist end of that wire off and ground it. Try again.
> If still no spark, pull the dist cap and open and close the points by hand
> (using a piece of wood so you don't get zapped.)
> If still no spark measure the V on the points as you open and close them.
> should go to 7V when open and 0V when closed. Or you can just look to see
> there is a spark in the points whenever you open them.
> What do you find?

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