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Re: [T3] got 'er going, now she's dead again

On 29 Oct 2004 at 17:55, The Canadian wrote:

> 63 Notch, single carb 1500
> A week or so ago I thought it was time to do the valve clearances and timing
> again because the car had started to mysteriously die in the middle of a
> nice smooth idle.  It would restart without problem and otherwise was
> running fine.  After setting the clearances, points and timing the car
> wouldn't start. 

Rather than just swapping parts back and forth, try checking things out so you 
can narrow down the problem.

You say you don't have any spark; that's a good start, because it narrows the 
problem down to a very few parts. The easiest way to check for spark is to get 
an inductive timing light and use that to monitor a SP wire to see when you get 
a spark. Actually, in this case clip it around the HV coil wire.

Check the + terminal of the coil to make sure you have 7V there.

Get a friend to crank the engine. Any spark? (Does the timing light flash?)

If not, pull the dist end of that wire off and ground it. Try again.

If still no spark, pull the dist cap and open and close the points by hand 
(using a piece of wood so you don't get zapped.) 

If still no spark measure the V on the points as you open and close them. They 
should go to 7V when open and 0V when closed. Or you can just look to see if 
there is a spark in the points whenever you open them.

What do you find?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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