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Re: [T3] got 'er going, now she's dead again

This is a shot in the dusk... BUT, years ago I had a mysterous cutting out
from time to time in my Opel, grounding the distributor housing with a
seperate wire to the block solved this.  Then this year it started missing
intermittantly...  I sold it but the new owner found the distributor was
shot and that was the problem.

NOW... the cruise quit on my Square. it would hunt and peck for speed and
kick off all the time.  I figured a bad servo but I got a new one and same
problem... which means that the signal its getting off the points is dirty
or intermittant.  Ive had this problem with 2 distributors as well! The one
in the car now is all rebuilt and I also get an intermittant miss...

SO... Im barking up the poor ground tree... but if it gets as warm as they
say tommoro Im going to tear into it and start looking for issues.  That
Tach line has a bad signal on it and perhaps there is a bad ground
elsewhere, like the tranney strap...

Ill post anything I can find but check or add a distributor ground, or
engine/tranny ground strap.


> 63 Notch, single carb 1500
> A week or so ago I thought it was time to do the valve clearances and
> again because the car had started to mysteriously die in the middle of a
> nice smooth idle.  It would restart without problem and otherwise was
> running fine.  After setting the clearances, points and timing the car
> wouldn't start.  I wasn't overly surprised because this has happened to me
> before.  It really seems as though whenever I do this the car won't start.
> Days of trying to figure it out taught me  little trick - try a different
> distributor.  Over the last couple of years I have been driving the car
> daily and switching back and forth between two FI distributors.  For
> whatever reason it seems that when the car won't run after a tune-up
> changing the distributor and retiming it makes it work again.  OK so this
> time changing the distributor didn't work.  I tried some other units I had
> and couldn't make anything happen.  The following day I got the car to run
> again using the original diz that I was running.  It had a real power lag
> a higher part of the RPM range but idled nicely. Yesterday I tried my
> FI dizzy and the car ran and accelerated well again.  The only problem was
> that now it was super rough when idling.  I cleaned and relubed the
> weights in the first diz then tried it again.  Finally my car was back to
> normal.  It idled smoothly and accelerated well.  Today I was happily
> driving and was waiting to turn left onto a side street.  A break in
> came so I made my move and my tires spun a bit on the wet pavement.  The
> rear end jumped up and down a bit like it always does whenever the tires
> spin (rarely, by the way.)  I got across fine but instantly my car bogged
> down.  It would idle and start to accelerate but quickly reached a point
> where giving it more gas made the rpms nose dive.  If I tried to get past
> this point it would buck and snort and jerk around like a rodeo bull.  I
> drove home at something like 10 kph and barely made it up the hill to my
> house.  I looked at the distributor and nothing looked out of place. After
> awhile I tried the other distributor and got nothing.  Now I've got no
> at all.  There is power to the coil and I've tried swapping in a new 6v
> I just bought (it's a Hitachi, I am so embarrassed) but no spark to the
> plugs.
> Does this sound at all familiar to anyone out there?  I swear that my car
> possessed.  This is supposed to be simple, isn't that why we drive old
> All suggestions are appreciated!
> Andre
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