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Re: [T3] OE Radials on Type 3s

Here is some information from Art, the gentlemen I was speaking with.   I
realized I didn't specify earlier that we were talking about USA sales.

- Everett

I'll stand by my information as correct for the USA and Canada.  No
factory-installed radials for the USA; some factory-installed radials for
our friends in Canada.  I'm not depending on my memory for this data
(although I remember it this way), it is FACTORY information from those two
Without Guesswork spreads that I sent you.

All of the respondents make reference to Non-USA specifications and/or
Dealer-installed optional tires.  The sticker that is referenced does indeed
list inflation pressures for bias ply and radial tire, but remember that the
sticker was used for all markets and some markets did list radials as
available.  That is why most of those stickers are printed in English and
German and list the pressures in psi and kg/cm2. My 2 '69 Beetles have the
same sort of data, and there were no radials
Factory installed there either.

As a final point, have your friends look in their Owner's Manuals.  I
checked 4 in my collection.  On page 64, my '71 OM speaks only and
specifically about bias ply tires.  On page 60, my '70 OM has the same
information.  On page 48, my '66/'67 OM only has information about 6.00-15L
4- and 6- ply tires.  And finally, my '61 to '65 OM (the purple one) has the
same data as the '66/'67 but on page 35.  The only reference to radial tires
in the above manuals is in a paragraph mentioning that they are especially
good during the winter.

Sorry to stir up a hornet's nest; but I'm looking at hard data for the USA
and Canada, not the rest of the world and I see nothing to contradict it.

Anyway, what difference does it make?  As you may be seeing, the 6.00x15
tires are hard to come by any more and are generally replaced with the
165SR15 radial.  One last point; you should not install radials on older
vehicles unless you use a tube.  Older wheels do not have that so-called
safety hump at the bead area and the tire can be un-seated if you hit a bump
the wrong way.   It is OK to use a tube in tubeless tires in this instance.
I wrote a small article about this for the Vintage VW Club of America's
newsletter many years ago.

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