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Re: [T3] OE Radials on Type 3s

On Oct 28, 2004, at 15:42, Jim Adney wrote:

On 28 Oct 2004 at 10:42, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

I just looked at the sales program booklets for German dealers and they
seem to start listing radial tire factory options starting for the 1968
model year, as M173 (Radial tires instead of standard tires). In later
years there were several radial options available.

Interesting. My parts lists don't appear to include M173. I did a search thru
them and couldn't find the word radial anywhere. Was this booklet specifically
for type 3s or was it more generic? It's also possible that my versions of the
parts lists are missing entries; we have found other errors in those lists.

The booklet was published by VW from I believe the mid-sixties until the late seventies. It was called "Taschenbuch" ("Pocket Book") and made available to salespeople at VW dealerships in Germany. I have almost all of them, they had between 2 and 3 of them per year as changes were introduced.

Inside you find the complete lineup as of the publication date with detailed technical specifications, standard options, prices, other available options and their prices and the color/upholstery combinations. The booklets also contain the same data for all competitors so that sales people could directly compare and use that as an argument during their sales presentation. To round it off there is financing information, sample texts for contracts, industrial engine tech specs and prices, automobile tax and insurance data.


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