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Re: [T3] squareback leakage

On 27 Oct 2004 at 20:47, HT Van Fossen IV wrote:

> 1) I own a ' 67 squareback ragtop that leaks thru the floorboard vents. The
> grill and drains forward of the windshield are free of debris and flow
> cleanly. Any thoughts? 

Water appears there not due to leaks from above, but from below. Look closely 
at the front of the rear wheelwells and the rear of the front wheelwells. Rust 
thru is common in both of those places and lets water into the heater channels. 
This is a common problem.

> 2) My oldest daughter has a ' 65 squareback sunroof. I pulled the shiftrod
> out to replace the nylon bushing in the hanger,(tried it without the
> pulling,destroyed two bushings,) and cannot seem to get it to go back in
> straight. Is there a rearward hanger? (The shaft had evidence of rubbing,has a
> few interesting curves.) 

I think the shift rods were always straight. I have a couple that I believe I 
checked recently after a similar question came up, and they were perfectly 
straight. I've never installed one of these rods, however, so I'm not sure 
about your question on the second hanger; however, I don't THINK there is one. 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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