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Re: [T3] my '67 is home. but no garage.

On Oct 26, 2004, at 5:17 PM, Keith Park wrote:

A note about the fiber reinforced tarps... they are NOT watertight, or more
exactly, not watertight after the first windy day. Flap around in the wind
a bit and they are full of holes. Use a vaper barrier under it of 3mil or
thicker standard sheet plastic drop cloth... that will remain water tight
unless it get punctured.

hmm. the fitted cover on the '72 [ blue cover] is woven acrylic.
I don't know if that's "fiber reinforced". [ web searching
for fiber reinforced tarp, shows a lot of "polyethylene" "water proof" stuff. ]

anyhow the blue woven acrylic. [ sunbrella. ] is not water proof
however the rain came for a day and a half and it was enough to keep
the puddles out of the '72 this time. [ I still have to get the WCM window
seal. ]

Any tarp over the car will chafe the paint up though so if you have a new
paint job dont cover it.

the '72 doesn't have a nice paint job [ yet. ] so it's ok. and better than puddles in the car.

the '67 however. [ gray tarp, blue canopy. ] has an OK paint job
done by the PO. [ the one with zero mechanical sense. so the paint is not
great either, but nice enough. ]

It will get the garage when I clear it out.
it has a car cover from rocky mountain motorworks.
I'm not sure what quality or material it is. but it seemed
more water proof. [ can't look it up on rocky mountain motor works site
because they are merged now with mid america motor works, and they
don't seem to list a type 3 cover. ]

it seemed the more water proof, and indeed it was.
the canopy drooped into the roof rack area on the car, and
formed a puddle, that leaked through the canopy, and formed a puddle
in the roof rack area on the car cover. [ filled it up. ]
there were only a few drips through underneath the car cover
on the car.  So. It held up in the rain adequately.

Now I'll have to get that screen printing shop in the garage
sold, and moved out, to at least get one car in covered


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