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Re: [T3] IRS conversion


Please consider deleting unnecessary quoted material from your posts.


On 26 Oct 2004 at 17:07, Jon Remers wrote:

> The thing is, I have got in contact with a guy with a complete 72 fasty for
> sale. I want to use this as a parts car for the 66 fasty/red interior resto.
> I was then thinking, that as this will be a full resto I could as well convert
> it to IRS. 

Seems reasonable, except that then this is no longer a resto. If this is the 
Pigalle car, then some would argue that something like this would be an 
unfortunate thing to do to such a rare car. Keep in mind that there's nothing 
wrong with the swing axle transmission (OR the early brake calipers.)

> What about the front beam, are there any gains in converting this as well? I
> know the beam of the 66 is rusty, so likely it will be replaced anyway. 

The '72 beam may or may not be less rusty. You will have to take both out 
before you will know for sure. The '72 beam will come with the later calipers, 
which are nicer, so that would be a plus. You need the '72 steering knuckles 
and backing plates to mount the late calipers. Whichever you put back, you 
should retighten the sway bar set screw at some point. Either one could be 
loose, and either trailing arm could be damaged, so don't throw away the old 
beam without stripping it of usable parts, including bearings, thrust washers, 
seals, trailing arms, torsion bars, etc.  

> I am also thinking of the engine mounts of the later cars, from the shoptalk
> forum and various other sources. 

Yes, definitely. If you decide to do the IRS conversion, using the later rear 
subframe and rear mounts is the way to go, assuming you have a late engine with 
the rear mount crossbar, of course.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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