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Re: [T3] Fitting a Type 1 case into Type 3

On 26 Oct 2004 at 16:44, Ben Doughney wrote:

> On 26 Oct 2004, at 4:34 PM, Jim Adney wrote:
> > That's not really the oil filler, that's the breather box.> I was thinking of unscrewing the breather box and screwing on a Type 1 

> oil filler 'box'- I think it will fit on the breather stand OK, but I 
> am not sure if it would fit under the engine hatch though?

Okay, that will work, but, like you, I don't know if it will fit.

> > You'll probably want to plug the hole for the oil pressure switch. 
> > You'll need
> > the special adapter seals for the oil cooler. Unless your car is 
> > already 12V,
> > you'll have flywheel problems; I don't think you can just install the 
> > old 6V
> > flywheel on the 12V crank, and you'll need a different pressure plate 
> > to work
> > with the early throwout bearing.
> Ah yes, the oil pressure switch hole- what is the best thing to use as 
> a plug?

Use a brass 1/8" pipe plug.

> I do have a 6V flywheel here to fit on a late crank luckily.

That won't work. The nose of the late crank won't accept it.
> think I might have a late cooler floating around somewhere- it would 
> probably be better to use that wouldn't it?

Some kind of type 3 cooler will be necessary. You MUST make sure that you 
understand the options for the cooler seals or you will get yourself in trouble 

> I just thought of one other thing- will I need to use the type 3 style 
> 'cool tin' underneath the cylinders or can I use standard deflector 
> plates?

The special "cool tin" only came into use in type 3s from '71-on. To use them, 
you will also need '71-on type 3 bottom and top tin. The normal tin is 
generally fine.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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