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Re: [T3] Fitting a Type 1 case into Type 3

<x-flowed>On 26 Oct 2004, at 4:34 PM, Jim Adney wrote:

That's not really the oil filler, that's the breather box. You can use it
temporarily to add oil, but you'll probably end up ruining the plastic plug
getting it in and out, and those plugs are hard to find in good condition.

I was thinking of unscrewing the breather box and screwing on a Type 1 oil filler 'box'- I think it will fit on the breather stand OK, but I am not sure if it would fit under the engine hatch though?

I think you can make the type 1 dipstick work, but you may have to modify the

I have plenty of spares that I can chop up and weld and extension on.

Luckily this is an early car, so I don't have to worry about the rear
engine mounts- is there anything else that I need to consider? (all of
my spares are late dual relief cases)

You'll probably want to plug the hole for the oil pressure switch. You'll need
the special adapter seals for the oil cooler. Unless your car is already 12V,
you'll have flywheel problems; I don't think you can just install the old 6V
flywheel on the 12V crank, and you'll need a different pressure plate to work
with the early throwout bearing.

Ah yes, the oil pressure switch hole- what is the best thing to use as a plug? I do have a 6V flywheel here to fit on a late crank luckily. I think I might have a late cooler floating around somewhere- it would probably be better to use that wouldn't it?

I just thought of one other thing- will I need to use the type 3 style 'cool tin' underneath the cylinders or can I use standard deflector plates?

Ben Doughney

'71 1600TL
'65 1500N - Val
'70 NSU Ro80
'71 NSU Ro80
'85 Audi 90 2.3E Quattro
'83 Audi Coupe GT 5S
'89 Lancia Thema ie


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