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Re: [T3] Help - underseat rust

On 25 Oct 2004 at 8:28, Jones, Matthew wrote:

> Bad news - I've just been over to see our fastback, which is having a load
> of welding done. There is serious rust where the rear subframe mounts to the
> area under the back seat. 

> Any clever ideas about how to repair this properly ? He is quite rightly
> concerned as it is structural. 
> Here is the offending area:
> http://vw1600e.org.uk/images/car/RustLabelled.jpg 

I don't think this area is as structurally important as it might seem, since 
these mount points are pretty much in the center of the subframe. The most 
important points will be the ones at the extremes: The 2 at the tops of the 
shock towers and the one front and center.

This damage is in a very typical place, but it is more extensive that usual. It 
should be possible to fix it with a single thick layer and forget about the 
double thickness. Your main goal should be to make it waterproof again and make 
the repair just strong enough that body flex doesn't cause the panel to break 
here in the future.

I think that for normal street driving this will be fine. I would not want to 
motocross it, however.   ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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