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Re: [T3] timing / distributor swap question

On 23 Oct 2004 at 18:09, The Canadian wrote:

> 1963 Notch, 1500 single port single carb engine
> My car has been running strangely for awhile and I can't figure it out.  At
> first it wanted to die randomly at idle (idling nicely then a sudden dive in
> rpm) so I adjusted my valves and re-set the timing.  Now it idles fine but
> there is a huge 'slow' spot in acceleration.  It sort of feels like
> something is dragging behind me and the sound of the motor seems 'muffled'
> slightly.  Anyway it just isn't running right.  I seem to swap distributors
> at every tune-up so I figured I'd do the same only this time I thought I'd
> put in the original ZV PAU 4R6 dizzy.

I think you need to stop and spend some time thinking this out, instead of just 
trying one thing after another. My GUESS is that the distributor drive gear is 
installed wrong and that some of your distributors have been modified to 
accommodate this.

First: Check your engine. Turn it to #1 TDC (verified at the valves) and check 
the position of the dist drive gear. DON'T turn the engine forward with the 
distributor out!!! Check the drive gear position against what the Bentley 
shows. If the drive gear is in wrong. Fix it. Don't just modify another 
distributor--that's what got you in this jam.

Next: Get out your Bentley and look at the exploded view of the type 3 
distributor. Look at the relation between the wide space on the drive dog and 
the direction the rotor points. If you place the dist upright with the wide 
side of the drive dog away from you, then the rotor should point away from you 
and to the right. If it is wrong, they you have to drive out the pin that holds 
the drive dog in place and flip the drive dog 180 degrees.

Check ALL your type 3 distributors. I think type 1 distributors may be 
different, so that could also cause problems.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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