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[T3] timing / distributor swap question

1963 Notch, 1500 single port single carb engine

My car has been running strangely for awhile and I can't figure it out.  At
first it wanted to die randomly at idle (idling nicely then a sudden dive in
rpm) so I adjusted my valves and re-set the timing.  Now it idles fine but
there is a huge 'slow' spot in acceleration.  It sort of feels like
something is dragging behind me and the sound of the motor seems 'muffled'
slightly.  Anyway it just isn't running right.  I seem to swap distributors
at every tune-up so I figured I'd do the same only this time I thought I'd
put in the original ZV PAU 4R6 dizzy.  I've been using an FI T3 dizzy with
good results until now.  I got the engine set up to firing point on # 1.  On
the FI distributor at this point the rotor lines up nicely with the #1 spark
plug wire and is slightly past the notch in the distributor.  I replaced the
distributor and changed the wires to match (the rotor now points in a
different direction but the distributor only fits the tin in one
orientation.)  I made sure the firing order was correct and that I started
with # 1 wire going to the cap where the rotor is.  The notch in the rim of
the dizzy lined up nicely so I turned the diz so the notch was a bit to the
left.  I figured if I started with these three things in similar orientation
then my timing had to be close.  I then tried to set the timing statically
(this is how I normally do it.)  The trouble is that the light went on as
soon as I turned the key and turning the distributor wouldn't make it go
out!  Weird, right?  On a whim I replaced the points and condensor with
pieces from another 4R6 I've got and tried again.  Same results and yes I
did set the points first.  I twisted the dizzy back so everything lined up
like it did before and tried to start the car.  To my surprise it started
and ran, but strangely and in a new strange way.  It was missing
semi-regularly at idle but would rev up OK.  It still wasn't right so I put
a timing light on it.  My degree marks were nowhere to be seen but the
bridged section of the fan could be seen through the fan belt cover, just a
little to the left of the timing mark hole.

I did clean and re-gap my plugs.  They all had what I believe were carbon
deposits on the ends.  It was a black coating but not shiny or oily looking.
My carburetor has been reliable and not given me any real problems before.
Any suggestions about what my problem might be would be appreciated and if
somebody could please tell me how to get the old 4R6 in there properly it
would be great!!


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