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[T3] Under It's Own Power - First Time in 10 years!!

<x-flowed>The time finally came today. To drive the Sqbk under
it's own power! First time in ten years that I have
been able to say that, Yehaaa!

It took quite a bit of persuading to get the engine
back in the car, but it finally went. It took a bit
of priming to get the dry fuel lines to fill enough
to keep the engine running. I did this with a remote
starter and a hot lead from the battery to terminal
15 on the coil. This way I could be at the engine
when it started to keep an eye on things and add
drops of fuel directly to the carbs.

Once I got it running and at idle, I went and found
the key and lo and behold, the red and green lights
came on! That surprised me, so I started it up and
drove it out of the garage and onto the driveway.

I know I managed to get a few greasy hand prints onto
the exhaust manifold, so it'll be smoking for awhile,
but at least it's under it's own power.

Just in time, as the family is coming back tomorrow.
This was my goal for the week, to get it running
enough drive under it's own power.

Of course I killed it the first time I went to shift.
I've been driving autos so long that I forgot to use
the clutch!

Jeff - with running '67 Sqbk

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