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[T3] Re: rain issues

Yes, the Cal-look loses the brightwork from the rubber seals, probably because
new ones are very hard to find, so the smart way to go is lose them altogether.
BTW some places describe the seals with trim strips as USA style, but it's
really simply stock - they all came with the trim from the start.

Yes again, it's not chrome, but polished anodised aluminium, which people in the
USA call aluminum.  Not sure why they don't say uranum or sodum (well, I can see
a reason for avoiding that one!), or even potassum but there you are!   I've
just recited Tom Lehrer's elements song, "There's antimony, arsenic aluminum,
selenium,..." and aluminum's the only one he doesn't put the 'i' in.  Maybe it's
all his fault - he couldn't get the verses to work without changing it to
a-lu-min-um, or perhaps it's a trademark matter; maybe someone trademarked

I got an e-mail from VWoA about our new club forum-type website domain
www.vwtype3and4club.org.uk saying "During an Internet prospect review, you were
identified as a candidate for the Volkswagen of America Club and Enthusiast
Internet Licensing Program. etc..." and inviting me to apply for the trademark
registering scheme.  So that was the guest wandering around the site at midnight
GMT a couple of days after registering the domain!   Not that I was tempted, but
the URL pointed to a USA or Canada choice, so I figure there's no problem either
way for us.  Odd they didn't spot the .uk too.

Curiously there seemed a fine point of naming -  "type3and4vwclub" would be OK,
but strictly, "vwtype3and4club" suggests a type3and4club belonging to VW, which
wouldn't be OK.   That's literally a moot point; I would defend the
"vwtype3and4" as the vehicle description - at least until it was going to cost
lots of money.  It's a funny world we live in.  ;-)

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> On Oct 22, 2004, at 2:43 PM, Kevin Guarnotta wrote:
> > The ones with the chrome strips are
> > called cal-look right?
> I was under the impression it's the other way around.
>     Stock = chrome strip.
> cal look = ooh. we removed the chrome strip.
> and isn't the "chrome" aluminum?
> but I've never heard anyone say aluminum strip.
> --fess

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