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RE: [T3] rain issues.

I know that West Coast Metric seals are "thinner" than the Bugpack seals. I
have had a Bugpack windshield seal for the better part of 10 years, and no
leaks. I also don't think silicone is advised for these types of seals.

Keep in mind that these seals are the "Cal-look" style without chrome.


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On Oct 21, 2004, at 2:17 PM, gray, douglas wrote:

> Have you checked the fresh air vent assembly hoses? These are a common
> source of leaking.

well it seems to be coming in on the outside edge of the car.
down the carpet on the front kick panel. [ in front of each door. ]

I did have the fresh air box draining water fluidly, but that was
about 6 or so months ago. So I could check if it's plugged again.
as I said, I definitely had that problem previously.

> If your windshield seal seems to be short around the corners, Bugpack's
> seals have an extended outside lip which may help.

it seems like it might help. has anyone else had bad luck with
narrower after market seals?  Or do all seals need the gobs
of silicone I've sometimes seen on there.  [ the glass guy
said, oh they leak. they all leak. ]  hmm.

just wondering if I'm going the wrong direction thinking about
the window seal itself, and maybe it was the installation.


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