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RE: [T3] rain issues.

Have you checked the fresh air vent assembly hoses? These are a common
source of leaking.

If your windshield seal seems to be short around the corners, Bugpack's
seals have an extended outside lip which may help.


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Subject: [T3] rain issues.

So, my '72 squareback  used to puddle water on the floor rains.
and I would wet vac it out,  ASAP.

At first it turned out to be the fresh air vents were just packed full 
of leaves.
[ and the fresh air fan was destroyed do to sitting in a puddle of 
water the whole
time. ]  After getting that good and cleaned out. I thought i had it.

But rain is few and far between here in sunny CA.

next it turned out to be my front windshield, was leaking on the 
passenger side,
and dripping down behind the carpet on the side so It was hard to 
figure out
until it really got soaked once.

my windshield also needed replacing at that time, so I called all star 
and they came out and fixed it one morning before work.  They brought a 
new seal
it seemed to be a little small on the edges, but I was in a hurry that 
[ more of the previously covered paint was visible. ]

I used a hosed and checked things as best I could and the leak seemed 
to be gone.

However it just rained for 3 days. [ rare ]  and i've got puddles on 
both sides
again.  It looks like it leaked down both sides of the front window. [ 
or at least
down both sides of the front carpet. ]

Do you think I need to get better front windshield rubber?
I'm not sure things underneath the rubber were cleaned out very well, as
I said I was in a hurry that morning when they brought the glass, and I 
feel like I could have done a better job, than they did.
so maybe it just needs to be cleaned out better underneath.

again, any advice is greatly appreciated.

[ oh. if only I had more garage space.
I've got a one car garage and it's full of screen printing equipment
I need to sell. ]


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