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Re: [T3] Well, the good news is...

Glad to hear it - and I agree - even with a cloth wrapped round it and a
freely-moving piston, it was uncomfortable to use air pressure, not to mention
the blast of fluid that occurred as it popped out.  I'd forgotten
they test compressor tanks, steam boilers etc for integrity with hydraulics
before putting the nasty stuff in under pressure.
The piston seems to have a recessed shoulder that should allow a bench press to
work with the correct formers, I think, but water pressure would certainly be
safest and exert the most even force.

The last one I did, I used the car brake hydraulics to free one piston before
removing the pipe, then did the other after cleaning up and reinstalling the
first - not a time-effective way, or very satisfactory for other reasons.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> On 21 Oct 2004 at 0:44, Dave Hall wrote:
> > I hope you're well-protected in case you get a cracked housing some day,
> > You're pretty precious on the list, not to mention other people.
> Thanks for the kind thoughts, but it's completely harmless. Since water is
> virtually incompressable, there's no stored energy, as there would be with
> This way when the pistons come out, they just drop quietly and harmlessly out
> of their bores.
> This is completely different from what happens when you do this with air, as
> suggested in all the manuals. I used air when I first started doing this, but
> it was truly terrifying. If you had your hand placed wrong you could lose a
> finger. Remaining bits of brake fluid would spray everywhere. Pistons would
> fire across the caliper and damage themselves and anything on the other side.
> It was NUTS!
> Yeah, and I'd have to be truly nuts if I was thinking of doing this with 1500
> psi air!   ;-)
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