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Re: [T3] High beam problem...

Glad to hear it.  The headlight relay is a change-over one that gets a pulse to
change it when you pull the switch lever.  Probably there is a poor connection
in the circuit somewhere - maybe just a bit of oxidation that could have
dispersed with some current flowing.  If you changed the relay for a good new
one, it does sound more like wiring or the switch contacts than the relay.
Sometimes after a long period of inactivity, my joints get a bit intermittent
too.  ;-)

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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From: "Daniel Baum" <daniel@type34.info>
To: <type3@vwtype3.org>
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2004 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: [T3] High beam problem...

> Hi again,
> This last message of mine took about 12 hours to reach the list.
> I fixed the problem, or it fixed itself. I'm not quite sure what happened.
> It MAY have been something to do with earthing of the relay, or it may have
> been a Martians' nest in the fusebox.
> Anyway it's working now.
> Daniel
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm back after rather a long holiday, and I have to take my car for its
> test
> > tomorrow.
> >
> > This evening I just went outside to check everything was OK. I tested all
> > the electrical things and everything worked, until I tried the headlights.
> I
> > turned them on, and they came on OK, I then switched them to high beam and
> > that worked OK, but then it wouldn't go back to low beam. At the moment
> the
> > headlights are stuck on high beam.
> >

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