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RE: [T3] Towing a T3

I usually just use a tow dolly. I've towed a Squareback from Seattle, WA to
Boise, ID; a Squareback from Powell, WY to Boise, ID; and a Notchback from
Rock Springs, WY to Boise, ID. The shortest trip was about 500 miles. Later
today I leave for St. Louis, MO for a new-to-me Squareback and will tow it
back home on the same tow dolly, with the same Ford Aerostar van, a trip of
about 1700 miles. It will take a few days, but I'm looking forward to it.
I'll post an update when I get home next week.


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Hey gang, been gone for a few years after selling my '71 Square.  I'm back
since I am planning to purchase a '69 Square about 4 hours from my home, 240
miles or so.

I may have to decide to use an auto transporter or a tow dolly from the
orange moving folks.  (I don't if a friend's trailer will be available.)
The dolly is less expensive than the transporter, but I haven't towed an
ACVW for more than 15 miles front wheels down, and that was in-town, 45 mph.
I am thinking it would be safer to spend the extra $$ and get the
transporter unless anyone here can recommend the dolly and any tips you used
to tow successfully.



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