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Re: [T3] Towing a T3


I towed my '65 Variant/Squareback 233 miles with a two dolly.
I used the type where you push the car up on ramps that become horizontal when the weight of the front of th car is up on it and then you pins hold it in that position.
My dolly's front wheels steer and the back wheels of the car, in neutral, just followed all the way home.
I have also towed a VW bus in the same manner with the same dolly for about 250 miles.
No big deal...just LEAVE PLENTY OF ROOM FOR STOPPING...you have a big bear pushing you. More so with the bus than the Type 3.
I go as fast as 65 on the interstate towing mine, although most will not recommend going that fast.
Tip: After you pick up the car, place it on the dolly, lock the steering wheel in place with tires straight, and strap down the front tires, drive to the nearest fuel station with an air pump. Make sure the tires are inflated to sidewall value. About two or three miles away from initially strapping the car on stop again and re-tighted the front straps...they settle loose a bit in those first miles. I also stop every so often to check the straps on check on the trailing car.
Recommendation: Schedule plenty of time so that you are not rushed and can enjoy the process and go for it. Warning, you will smile!

Duane Miller

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Hey gang, been gone for a few years after selling my '71 Square. I'm back since I am planning to purchase a '69 Square about 4 hours from my home, 240 miles or so.

I may have to decide to use an auto transporter or a tow dolly from the orange moving folks. (I don't if a friend's trailer will be available.) The dolly is less expensive than the transporter, but I haven't towed an ACVW for more than 15 miles front wheels down, and that was in-town, 45 mph. I am thinking it would be safer to spend the extra $$ and get the transporter unless anyone here can recommend the dolly and any tips you used to tow successfully.



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