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[T3] Type 3 for sale near Lewisville TX - Denton TX

So after having a 1972 Type 3 Squareback in my garage for 3 years, I am afraid I must sell it.  At this point in my life I just don't have the time to work on it.

I am the third owner of the car.  In 1998 the driver was involved in a fender bender that crushed the drivers side fender and bent the front end slightly right and down (as you look at it standing in front of it).   

1)  The engine is complete, Fuel Injection, is intact.  
2)  Manual transmission.  
3)  The engine will turn over and has a new starter.  
4)  I have also replaced the drivers side front spindle and bought a new fender to put on it after I had the front end fixed.
5)  The drivers side is pretty rough.  The passenger side is smoother.   
6)  All orginal interior in pretty good shape, couple of small headliner rips, back bench seat is cut about 3 inches in the center.  
7)  Surface rust only, with exception of battery tray area, the pans are rust free.
8)  The hood has one rust through spot on the drivers side front.
9)  All original glass.
10)  Texas Gelb (from the sticker) Yellow color.

I would like $200 dollars for the whole thing and the new fender.  I have now way to transport it but I can help you put it on a trailer.  I have a steep driveway so rolling it down onto a trailer on will be easy.  The car has potential so it should go to a good type 3 loving home.

Please email me directly with your question.   Tonight I will try to get my daughter to take some pictures.
If you live close by give me a call and we can set up a time when you can come take a look at it.

Charles W Anderson

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