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Re: [T3] Need generator help please!

On 19 Oct 2004 at 22:03, Karen Woodiel wrote:

> Calling all the experts! I am completely stumped.
> Brief recap of past two weeks:
> Car (71 FI square) wouldn't stay running.
> Started w/jump then died.
> Changed voltage regulator.
> Charged battery.
> Changed generator brushes.
> Tonight put in a new generator.

It sounds like you've been wasting a lot of money by just trying to guess at 
what the problem might be. This is a horribly expensive way to go and is 
usually just about as productive as your experience so far. You need to get in 
there and find out exactly what the problem is. 

> STILL, the car starts with a jump, then dies. G light is STILL on.
> Generator is lined up properly. All wires are connected properly. VR ground 
> screws are good and tight. Polarity was set on both generator and VR.
> With a jump, it starts immediately. No hesitation whatsoever.
> What now????? 

Measure the voltage between some fuse box terminal and ground. Find one that 
has SOME voltage on it. Take 2 measurements, one with the key OFF and one with 
the key ON. Let us know what you find.

Do you have my charging system FAQ? In case you don't, I'm sending it to you.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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