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[T3] Sad long post on Folkrace

Look at the link..


I don«t know if you know about these races, but the
pictures are from a swedish "folkrace". A folkrace is
a poor mans version of autocross. The cars are more or
less stock. They have a rule that all cars should be
available for sale at a fixed and really low price
after the race. This keeps racers from spending cash
on big engines and far out mods.
Unfortunatly for the VW crowd in Sweden, both bugs and
T3s are among of the most popular cars for these
races, still have to find out WHY. Just look at the
pictures and you«ll get a clue what is left of the car
when the season is over. Sometimes I come across the
leftovers when I am touristing yunkyards, and there is
usually not a single part left that can be used in a
resto. (#Û&/#Û%"!)

BUT, and this is interesting: The interiors are
usually stripped out for weightsaving and I can«t
remember seeing bumpers on any of the cars. It could
be that they throw this stuff at the junker directly
when raceprepping the cars, but if they are like most
motorheads, the interiors and stripped out parts would
just be lying around their shops ... waiting for
someone like me, he he..
It may sound crazy to go these lengths for parts, but
I am on a student budget (hopefully soon to change).
The fenders I have bragged about were found in a
similar way, and once I bought a NOS rear bumper via
some really strange contacts. Today I will throw out
hooks to the behated folkrace-crowd and I«ll report to
you if something happens..


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