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Re: [T3] intermitent elect. problem

Sounds like the battery was just discharged, you dont always get an idiot
light when its not charging.


Keith Park

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> I'll dig into the white wire at a later date.  Right now I may have bigger
> problems.  On the way to work I stopped & got coffee (about 5 mi.).  Then
> farther away I stopped again for gas (about another 10 mi.).  When I went
to take
> off from there, it bearlly turned over.  Not enough to start.  After
jumping it,
> I got home & checked the batt. per the elect. section (Bentley) Pg. 6
> when I tried to restart it in the garage, it was a no go.  The 1st & 3rd
> cells showed only 1/2 volt.  When I took it in for warranty replacement,
they put
> it on there machine that charged it & then said that it was good.  I had
> buy a batt. outright because I wasn't sure whether that batt. is any good
> not.  The idiot light had acted right all of the time that I drove it.
I'm going
> to put in the new batt. & try again in the am.  Any other ideas would be
> appreciated.  Thanks
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