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Re: [T3] Blaupunkt extra?

> On 19 Oct 2004 at 8:54, Jason Weigel wrote:
> > I know this has been brought up in the past 6 months of so, but I cant
> > remember the answer. In the below pic under the radio is an added option I
> > see from time to time. I only see it for Blaupunkts and wonder what it is?
> > Extra stations, power boost??? Different band width??
> >
> > http://www.thesamba.com/vw/gallery/pix/177306.jpg
> I've never seen that one before. Blaupunkts had an aux plug in the back from
> very early on that allowed you to plug in accessories that would then play
> the radio's amp and speaker(s.) I think the only such accessory I've got in my
> lit is one which picks up special nearby road condition radio signals. The
> photo doesn't look anything like this, however.
> The lower row of buttons is in the same style, so I think you're right that
> they are meant to go together. Note that the left button is blank: My guess is
> that you press this button to disable this unit so you can just listen to the
> radio. The numbers on the buttons are unusual; I wonder if they could be UHF
> channels? Did Europe use high numbered channels like this?
We do now for UHF, but they didn't exist when this add-on was made!

> There must have been a way for owners to change the numbers on those buttons.
They are the wavelengths in metres of typical broadcast bands - short wave AM -
bandspread to allow the whole of the band to be swept with lots of turns of the
tuning knob.  My '57 radiogram has 16,19, 25, 31, 41, and 49 marked with lines
to show the extent, but not the top end ones (bottom?)

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