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Re: [T3] just bought pigalle

> Any idea what repp. stands for? I'm also used to seeing paint colors as just
> "L" (Lack, color) but these are all "SL." Could this stand for Special Lack?
> so, why is the standard seat frame color also an SL color?

SL is the slight crackle finish of the seat frames.  They call them "structure

I thought "repp." was normally applied to cloth rather than leatherette - maybe
it's a sort of corded effect on the vinyl.
Just consulted Anne - she says it's corded, and dictionary adds horizontally
corded, so there you are.

> The notes at the bottom of the '66 data indicate something got painted
> It looks like the seat frame, but I'm not quite sure how to parse their
> statement. My best guess is as follows:
> Combination 79 (pigalle) got seat frames painted SL652 scarlet.
> Combination 81 (Balearic Beige) got seat frames painted SL662 almond beige.
> Combination 51 (Teak repp.) got seat frames painted SL672 rust.
> It seems to me that these 3 combinations are our candidates for more
> interior color options.
> All other combinations got seat frames painted SL43 grey-black.

Yes, there's masses more info on colour parts in the parts book - pages and
pages of it, eg the rear rubber mat was available in (stand by...)  :-

graphite (61-63)
anthracite (61-65)
scarlet (66)
lava (66-70)
almond beige (66-67)
rust (66-67) - I've got that one! - only kidding. ;-)
dark brown (67-70)
ultra blue (66-70)
blue (71)
cork (71)
grey (70- )
lapis blue (71- )
leather beige (71- )

So, anyone got the complete set yet?

For handbrake boots it only mentions grey/black, anthracite or black, depending
on model and year.

Shift lever boots are :-
satin blue (61-62) model 343
malachite green (61-62) model 343
anthracite (61, 62, 65) model 343
grey-black (63, 64) models 343-346
All 31 and 36 had grey-black or anthracite depending on model and year.

> > Check them out at www.hallvw.clara.net/type3/T3pbo/colour_combinations.pdf
> > (400kb).
> This is a nice set of data, but to me it just looks the same as the later
> when they are telling us what color the seats and maybe the vinyl panels were.
> There's nothing here that mentions that the dash is also a special color, or
> did I miss that somewhere?

Obviously they may not list parts they have decided not to stock, so this
doesn't mean other colours of boot don't exist.  In fact they only list black
for dashpads, so they may well have not bothered to keep stocks of the less
common coloured rubber mouldings.

It's also possible to colour vinyl with special paints too - wouldn't be visible
on the back or through the material though.

It's also probable many of the combinations were only available in Germany.

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