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[T3] Brake Sensor Cover

<x-flowed>The brake sensor rubber covers were shot on my Sqbk,
and a look through my stash of stuff revealed a pile
of various diameter shrinkwrap tubing courtesy of
Boeing Surplus from about 20 years ago.

I found one that started out about 1 inch in diameter
and shrunk nicely onto the 22mm hex head of the sensor.
I found a nut of similar size, and a bolt and used a
10mm long socket and preshrunk the tubing to fit the
hex, and to reduce the diameter of the tubing.

I slid this onto the wiring, along with a smaller
diameter pie of tubing.

Once the wires were installed, I shrunk the orange
tubing as small as it would go, which is not small
enough to fit against the wiring. I then shrunk the
yellow tubing over the orange to fit against the wires
and the orange tubing.

Much easier said than done with the lack of access
and my wife having taken her hair dryer with her
to the in-laws. Don't ask how I shrunk the tubing.
I'm just glad that silicone brake fluid is not
flammable, and the entire gas system is dry.

A couple of image of this on thesamba.com:


Jeff '67 Sqbk

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