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Re: [T3] Seats

> I know that lots of people with late cars like to switch to low-backs, but we
> also get low back people who want to switch to high backs. Most of the time
> this is just a change for the sake of change. Keep in mind that the high-back
> seats that were mandated in the US in '68 have been proven to be one of the
> most effective safety improvements ever, just after seat belts.
> -- 
> Jim Adney
> jadney@vwtype3.org
> Madison, WI 53711-3054

'Low-back' seats are standard on all models in the UK; the later ones have a
locking system for the back that is probably the same as the high-back system.
There's a lever on the outside of the back that releases them.

So far I haven't missed not having a headrest, but then I haven't needed the
seatbelt I've worn in VWs since about 1958 either.  I hope I never do need
headrest or seatbelt, but I'm well aware that I am more at risk of whiplash
injury without the headrest, and no doubt the older seatbelts leave a lot to be
desired over the self-tightening type.
When I get sufficiently anxious about this, I'll probably change to an SUV with
massive bull-bars on the front and terrorise the rest of you on the roads,  ;-)

Later locking low-backs could easily be sourced in the UK or Europe, but sadly
the cost of shipping would be significant.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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