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Re: [T3] Wheel bolts and aftermarket wheels

On 15 Oct 2004 at 9:30, C.Rochambeau wrote:

> > > Also on eBay is this:
> > > http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?
> ViewItem&category=33749&item=7927947596 
> > 
> > These bolts have conical collars, not spherical. They are not correct for our 
> > wheels.
> I think I will have to take my wheel off and have a look at it, since it is not a stock 
> rim perhaps it would prefer the conical rather than spherical seat.. I think my fingers 
> will be able to perceive a flat or concave surface there.

Makes sense. There certainly are wheels out there for which these bolts would 
be correct.

> > I'm not sure how long they can be, but you are certainly correct in worrying 
> > about their getting too long. 
> Presuming these pass the seat test, would installing them and then spinning the wheel in 
> the air be a reliable clearance test, or does the internal geometery shift when these are 
> under load? I guess I could just remove the entire drum assembly and have a look for 
> overhang with wheel installed, is there published data of internal clearances of these 
> parts? I like my brakes functional.

The "air test" should work just fine.

> > There IS a reason NOT to switch to studs! One of the best ways to break frozen 
> > rear drums loose from the hubs depends on there not being studs in place there.
> > On early cars where the drum and hub are one piece this doesn't apply.
> That's reason enough for me, as I have had the e-brake freeze overnight, and it took 
> running into the car [a few times] with my 60's Chevrolet to free it. This was of course, 
> before I learned of the BFH method. 

I'm not fond of the BFH method. The method I use is to jack up both rear 
wheels, remove the wheel on the side you want to take apart, start the engine, 
put it in first gear, speed it up, and slam on the brakes. It works every time 
and is amazingly gentle on everything.

Note that it only works if you leave the wheel ON the other side, so to get 
both off, it's a 2-step process.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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