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Re: [T3] Well, the good news is...

On 15 Oct 2004 at 6:04, John Hilgers wrote:

> The good news is I was able to install my new NOS
> brake pads today.  Quick job with no
> surprises...except one!  

I usually have to file off the burrs, etc, on the edges of the pads so that 
they fit easily into the calipers. You can hammer them in, but then they don't 
retract, and that can be as bad as a frozen piston.

> My unmolested (so I thought)
> 71 Fasty has had the calipers replaced along with the
> brake lines.  The good news is...They both are working
> properly.  The bad news is...They are not OE.

There were several stages of aftermarket replacements. Until recently they came 
with 42mm pistons, so I suspect that they worked just fine. What do you see in 
yours that tells you these are not OE?

> Next - The steering damper is not OE.  Made in Mexico.
> Next - The beauty rings are not OE.  Made in Taiwan.

Like you say, no biggie.

> Is there a bushing that will go where the gearshift
> lever and the shift rod meet.  The metal on metal
> rattling is driving me nuts. 

No, there's nothing there. You can put heavy grease in the shift rod cup, 
however, and that should help a lot.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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