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[T3] Well, the good news is...

Hello everyone!

The good news is I was able to install my new NOS
brake pads today.  Quick job with no
surprises...except one!  My unmolested (so I thought)
71 Fasty has had the calipers replaced along with the
brake lines.  The good news is...They both are working
properly.  The bad news is...They are not OE.  (Jim -
when you get some nice cores and do some rebuilds, I
will be interested in some OE).

Next - The steering damper is not OE.  Made in Mexico.

Next - The beauty rings are not OE.  Made in Taiwan.

Oh well!  The only people who know this is you and me
and the previous owner.

Is there a bushing that will go where the gearshift
lever and the shift rod meet.  The metal on metal
rattling is driving me nuts.  (And if there is one,
where can I get it.)

Everett Barnes - I believe I have one of the
Continental tires you are looking for.  It is my
spare.  It is a 6.00-15L Schlauchlos 4PR Made in
Germany.  I am currently running reproduction BF
Goodrich whitewall 3/4"  Most likely from Coker Tire. 
Let me know if this is what you need.  PS it is
basically brand new.

I need to change the trany oil.  What kind should I
use, where can I get the tool to get the plugs out,
and how do I fill it back up if i do not have a
pressurized system?

71 Fasty
Daily driver
83k original miles (I think

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